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3D sensing for the 3D world

The age of robots and flying machines is now showing in full 3D. So why stick to traditional 2D controls and sensors? At B3D we think there’s a better way…

The world's most adaptive 3D sensing technology

We are developing the most flexible and adaptable 3D sensing system for all kinds of human-machine interfaces and joint sensing mechanisms. Do you have a 3D application?

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3D robots seeking 3D operators

For applications where it’s needed most our unique controller designs provide a truly natural and intuitive experience. Your drone lives in 3D so why don’t you?

We enable real humans to control real machines


Traditional controllers are often unintuitive, cumbersome and inaccurate for many modern 3D applications.

Our technologies allow us to design better, application-specific controllers for almost any 3D control situation.

Together with UNMND we are developing our first commercial product; a 3D drone controller for pros and newbies alike.

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An adaptable 3D sensing system for HMIs and compliant joints

Some things are easier said than done. When it comes to controlling complex machines like drones, robots and heavy equipment a better saying might be “easier watched than done”. It takes real skill and experience to operate these machines properly and that makes it daunting, and sometimes dangerous, for a great many people who need to do so without professional training.

At B3D Technology we think a big part of the problem is due to badly suited human machine interfaces (HMIs) whose designs are stunted by the outdated technologies they use. We believe that by creating the world’s most adaptable close-range 3D position-sensing systems we can provide the backbone for a whole new generation of HMIs and compliant joint sensing solutions for the robotic age.

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